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          From pre-teen to the golden years romance fills our life.  We fantasize about being swept off our feet and being taken to romantic places. My favorite place to go and the most romantic in my mind is the beach. What is yours?  Here are a few pictures that give me a mental vacation.
I see a good book, cool drink and a warm body next to me whispering the good parts in my ear.

This would be the best way to end any day.
I would get lost in the colors.
Need I say more, this would be the perfect place to type the words, The end, to the novel you have been writing.

I write Suspense Romance and I see a litle suspense, with things hiding in the shadows, and a lot of romance in these pictures above.

 Rescued from the Dark:

Undercover FBI agent Jason Michaels infiltrates the terrorist cell and risks everything, even his life, to save the FBI intern who stole his heart then walked away. Once Mercy wakes from her coma she has no memory of what happened and Jason realizes the terrorists vow to get her back for their secrets locked in her memory, no matter what the cost. In a race against time, Jason and Mercy struggle to fight their attraction and put their differences aside as they launch a manhunt to save their country and each other.


     Jason cringed when Darrell’s sweaty palms rubbed against his neck.  He grabbed the back of his jacket and jerked him up. This was perfect. I can get the location as we leave.
     “Take me home? I’m bleeding all over the place man. I need a doctor.”
     Jason stared as Darrel looked at the pool of fake blood, then back to him.
     “I have my orders and they’re to take you home.  You can call your own ambulance if you wake up.”
     “What do you mean if I…” the needle stung as it entered his arm and fell forward. The crack from his knees hitting the concrete floor echoed across the terminal.  Damn, they still throbbed from the last time.
     “What the fuck did you do that for?”
     Jason cringed as they yanked him up, and threw him into the back of the truck. The putrid smell of rubber engulfed him as they tossed the tarp over his body.  Once the truck cleared the gate, he started to relax.  Now it was time to put David Logan to bed and become Jason Michaels again. He reached inside his pocket and the paper burned against his skin. What does Shaun want with Mercy?  He had to keep her safe. Jason felt the effects of the drugs taking over. As he drifted off, he closed his eyes and she was there.
      Her hand reached up to touch him, and then stopped. The hesitation in her movement mirrored the confusion in her clouded eyes.  He gently kissed away the one lone tear she allowed to fall.
     Her taste lingered on his lips and made his mouth water for more, so he lowered his head and feathered a light kiss across her full lips.  He pulled back only to have her rise to meet him in a moment of uncontrolled passion as she reclaimed his lips.  His hands clenched tightly to the door jam, reigning in his need to touch her, giving her time to say no. A vibration crossed his lips as a shudder passed through her, and he pulled back. Resting his forehead against hers, he listened to their harsh, uneven breathing.
     “Mercy, I want you.”
      The spark from her touch, as she entwined her fingers through his hair, ignited an inferno deep inside him.  Her lips whispered across his and the fire completely consumed him. Like a starving man, his mouth covered hers hungrily. The sound of her soft whimper told him she felt it too. 
      He took her hands, laced his fingers into hers, and raised them above her head.     
     “What do you want, Mercy?”
      When she pressed against his aching arousal, he sucked in a sharp breath. Jason gazed into her eyes and heard her whisper.    
      “I want you Jason, It’s always been you.”
     He captured her mouth with a desperation that he had never felt before. He had to touch her, to taste every inch of her. Jason traced a line with his tongue across her lips then down her neck. He tasted every angle, marking her as his. She gasped and pressed her breasts firmly against him.
      “Jason, please…please help me.” 
        His senses roused as he noticed a strain in her voice, then she pulled her hand away and backed into the shadows. He ran forward and stumbled, grabbing blindly for anything to break his fall.  His head smashed against the floor with a force that vibrated down his spine.
     “Stop, please Mercy, I’m begging you.” 
     His stomach knotted and he felt the acid rise in his throat as he pulled his legs forward, digging them into the carpet, trying to crawl towards the voice. He reached and his hand encountered some cloth. He gripped it tight trying to pull himself up when it ripped from his fingers and he fell back. The wind swept from his lungs upon impact, leaving him breathless. He felt the burn rise through his lungs as he fought for air and he sprung forward. His eyes snapped open and focused on the figure lurking in the shadows. Shit, Darrell.
     “I’ve never heard you beg for mercy before, David. Shaun will really like this. He told me to stay until you woke up. Now you’re up, so I’m leaving,” said Darrell.
     Jason was confused for a split second and then it all came into focus. His rumpled bed that he never made, black nightstand with coffee cups staining the top, and his dresser with the small TV on top. He was in his room. It was a dream, just a damn dream. He dropped back on the carpet and stared at the ceiling feeling the vibration from Darrell’s footsteps as he walked to the door.
     “Hey David, Shaun said to get your shit together, he’ll be back to get you in a couple days.”
     The slamming of the door made Jason jump. Damn that was close. He slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out the article, time to call Ron. He needs to know they have their sites on more than guns right now.

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Alas, Valentine’s Day is over and I look around and wonder what I should do with the chocolate now.  I’m on a diet, never ending at my age, so I can’t use the excuse it’s Valentine’s Day so the calories don’t count. Don’t laugh; I know you say the same thing.  So I decided to search for other options, even thought I would rather indulge for one more day.

Add a little to my coffee, which is my second favorite thing.

Have a little while I indulge in my favorite activity, a walk on the beach.
Or just be honest to myself and eat it anyway because no matter what excuse I use the calories are going to be all mine.  :

So no matter what you decide to do with your chocolate and the possibilities are endless.  Use your imagination, and enjoy.

Rescued from the Dark:

Rescued from the Dark is a story of a heroic man who battles all odds to save the woman he loves.


Undercover FBI agent Jason Michaels infiltrates the terrorist cell and risks everything, even his life, to save the FBI intern who stole his heart then walked away. Once Mercy wakes from her coma she has no memory of what happened and Jason realizes the terrorists vow to get her back for their secrets locked in her memory, no matter what the cost. In a race against time, Jason and Mercy struggle to fight their attraction and put their differences aside as they launch a manhunt to save their country and each other.


Pressure built behind Mercy’s eyes and the tears threatened to fall.
“Mercy, I’ll never hurt you. I tried to explain the other night.  My name isn’t David.  I’m Jason Michaels, an undercover agent with the FBI.  I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to help.  I need you to understand and to trust me.  They’re going to move you, and we need to get you out of here tonight.”
Mercy squeezed her hands together to hide their shaking. She didn’t know what to believe. All she knew was that David made her feel safe.
Mercy couldn’t stop her tears from falling.  She had to think, she would let him help her but once she was out, and had the chance she would make a run for it.  If he really worked for the FBI, she would apologize later.  If he’s lying, then hopefully she could get away before it was too late.
“Mercy, look at me, I’m Jason Michaels.  I know you’ve seen my face before. Please tell me you remember me, remember us, what we shared.”
She looked up into his gaze. Those eyes, she has seen those eyes before. But could she trust her memory right now.
“I think I do, but I don’t know.  How am I supposed to believe you?”
“Mercy, I don’t have any answers right now. All I know is that I can’t let them take you any further away from me. I need to get you out of here tonight.”
Mercy confusion was overwhelming, but she needed to trust someone.
“Please believe me when I tell you I won’t hurt you. I want to help you get out of here.  You just have to trust me and do what I say.  Can you do that Mercy?”
She felt his warm fingers under her chin as he lifted her head. Her tear filled eyes stared into his, they were so blue, so beautiful. She felt the pull of his gaze and leaned into his hand as he cupped her cheek.  It was wrong, so wrong. It scared her, but she felt safe with him.
Mercy froze as he leaned in close, his mouth inches from hers. She could feel his breath across her lips.  She felt the pull from his gaze, the heat from his touch and moved in closer.  Her lips opened slowly over his.  Heat radiated through her body and her reluctance faded as he whispered, I’m sorry, across her lips. Then he captured her mouth with his.
Jason inched closer as her arms tightened around his neck. The warmth from her fingers as they curled into his hair shot down his spine.  His hands surrounded her waist and pulled her tight against his chest.  Her nipples hardened against him igniting a flame of desire.  How he ached to touch them, taste them.
“Mercy.” He whispered against her lips as he pulled away. “We shouldn’t.”
He stopped as she placed her lips back on his. He gripped her waist to push her back until her tongue danced along the outline of his mouth. The fire burned out of control as it raced through him, but he needed to stop. He could not take this risk, not now.
“No Mercy, we can’t…”
“Please, I need this. I need you.” She closed the gap between them.
He stopped and pulled back, inches from her he whispered against her lips, “Mercy, what’s my name, who am I?”
Jason sensed her hesitation as a shiver passed through her. She dropped her head to his neck and he felt the heat from her tears as they rolled down his shoulder.
He pushed her back and cupped her face in his hands.  Her tears spilled through his fingers as her pain ripped a hole in his chest.
“Mercy I just…”
“Please don’t, don’t stop. I know you, my heart tells me so.”
Jason felt the waves of her silent tears run through him as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his shoulder. He leaned his head onto hers and strained to hear her whisper.
“I might not remember your name but I know your touch, the way you make me feel.  Love me, and help me remember.”

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Valentine’s Day brings us a little suspense with a lot of romance.

                                              Valentine's Day Blog Hop and Giveaway.

Starts February 11 and runs through the 14th! Visit the Event Page and see the other 256 authors who are participating! YES I SAID 256.
I'll be giving away an Amazon gift card, and maybe a little something extra too...
You've got plenty of time to participate and win. There are 256 differnet opportunities. So stop by and see what amazing gifts they have to give away.

Valentine’s Day has always intrigued me. We associate the day with attributes of our affection, flowers, candy, cards and even engagement rings.  But that’s not how it started.
Valentine’s Day was not linked to romance until the 14th century. Before then, it was a day for celebrating a martyr, Valentine, who was a priest that went against the Roman Emperor.

There are legends out there on what he actually did. One stated that Valentine refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, allegedly ordering that young men remain single. He secretly performed marriages for them and when found out Claudius had him arrested. Others attest Valentine was killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. Either way he was executed. But the night before he was killed he wrote the first “valentine” card himself, addressed to a young girl whom he befriended and healed. 

The note read “From your Valentine.” 

Which is what we write on our valentine’s today. With that history lesson behind us, what do you look for in a valentine?

Although those were legends, they still emphasize the appeal, sympathetic, heroic and most important, romantic.  Hence, our hero, which is what every good, Romantic Suspense story, is based on. Whether it’s male or female we are drawn to these characters in our lives and in our stories.

Valentine’s Day today is a day of surprises, and fun. The intrigue is there as the day passes, wondering what’s going to happen. The suspense of the wait, will they remember, do they really love me? Then the Romance hid in the special gift, a dozen red roses, chocolate, an emotional card, or the crush velvet box. Just remembering that special someone who sees you as their hero in life makes the wait worthwhile.

Rescued from the Dark is a story of a heroic man who battles all odds to save the woman he loves.


Undercover FBI agent Jason Michaels infiltrates the terrorist cell and risks everything, even his life, to save the FBI intern who stole his heart then walked away. Once Mercy wakes from her coma she has no memory of what happened and Jason realizes the terrorists vow to get her back for their secrets locked in her memory, no matter what the cost. In a race against time, Jason and Mercy struggle to fight their attraction and put their differences aside as they launch a manhunt to save their country and each other.


      Mercy opened her eyes and was met by his hypnotic stare. She had to look away to break his hold. She could not afford to have any distractions, not now.
     “Jason, I can do this. I’ve been on the top floors before and no one has suspected anything. I have a method to being in an elevator and you have to let me do it my way. I panicked earlier because I was caught off guard, go ahead and take the boxes up. I’m going to need a few minutes. I’m better at this alone.” Mercy knew she was rambling to hide her fears. The memories of that night returned every time the door closed.  Damn him, damn them. She had to get control of these panic attacks before it was too late.
     “Mercy, this is ridiculous, I’m not going to leave you here. We’ll stop at every floor if we need to. Now get in before we both miss our meetings,” said Jason.
     His tone had a hint of compassion but filled with sarcasm which pissed her off. She took a few deep breaths. Focus, you can do this. She inched her way through the door and slid across the wall. Her eyes scanned the cage around her and the open area above her then blew out the breath she was holding as the tension slowly released from her shoulders.
     “Wow, why can’t all the elevators be like this one?” She leaned against the cold cage trying to calm her racing heart.
      “We use it to move our gear, crates, and some of Conner’s toys. They can get pretty big.”  Jason’s laughter lightened the tension between them and she started to relax.
     As he got the elevator set Mercy fiddled with her purse as a distraction. The silence grew heavy between them, but she couldn’t make small talk, distance is what she needed.
     “Hey, are you still with me? Your eyes were glazing over and I don’t want to lose you before we get started,” said Jason.
     “I’m fine, go ahead and close the door.”
     Her tone was harsh but she didn’t care. As the door closed, Mercy kept her eyes focused on the open area above them. She felt calmer now, the open area helped to keep the demons at bay. Flashbacks of that dark room and the pain from clawing at the door kept resurfacing when the walls closed in on her.
     So Mercy, are you and Mitch going to work things out? Not that I ever liked the guy,” said Jason.
     Subtle Jason, Mercy chuckled to herself. She knew he didn’t mean for her to hear the last part but she liked the distraction. He hated Mitch, and so did the other guys. They saw what a snake he was before she did. Mercy just wanted to make her parents happy and Mitch seemed to do that.
     “No, he’s still showing up trying to guilt me back into the wedding.  I hate lying to my parents and now that my application to the Academy is in I’m going to have to tell them this weekend.” Mercy gripped the edge of the metal sides and tapped her foot rapidly as the sound of the elevator echoed in her ears. 
     “They think Mitch and I are separated, but working through our problems. I can’t hide the fact I broke up with him any longer. I hope the anger they have for Mitch is greater than the pain they feel from my deception.”
     She heard her voice crack and felt the first tear spill down her cheek. It was cool across her hot skin. She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the cold steel as her day went from bad to worse.   Her brown curls hair tangled to the mesh wire so she pulled her head back up and opened her eyes to find Jason inches from her face.
     His gaze pulled her closer and set off an inferno inside of her. His hand lightly cupped her cheek and the heat sent her head spinning. To close, her heart warned, much to close.  Mercy took a jagged breath in, as he expelled a deep sigh. She couldn’t look away as he hesitated, his breath warming her lips. She knew better but couldn’t stop herself as she leaned in, closing the gap between them, touching his lips with hers. The kiss exploded into a heated embrace and she gasped when he pulled away. They both stood there, trying to catch their breath when she noticed they weren’t moving.
     “The elevator stopped Mercy. We’re here.”
     His voice was breathless and his warm tone flamed the fire inside her. She needed to say something, anything, but her voice escaped her. This was wrong, the kiss was wrong.   She wanted to be an agent and there were rules. She opened her mouth to find her voice, when he placed his fingers against her lips.
     “I know Mercy, I know the rules. I understand what you want. I always have, but I also know what I want. I’m sorry about the timing, not about the kiss.”
     He spoke just above a whisper and her heart melted. This can’t happen, not now. Her lips turned cold the minute he pulled his hand away. She watched him turn around and draw in his shoulders as he took a deep breath. He stood there clenching his fists and she waited, wanting him to turn around, to come back, but he moved towards the door. He had his back to her when he spoke in a whisper, so soft she had to strain to hear the words, but she did.
     “Rules can be bent, but I understand. You don’t want to be part of my future, not since you know about my past.”  
     Her heart squeezed in anguish as she realized his true meaning. She wanted to tell him she heard, it didn’t matter, just not now.  But her voice wrapped around the lump that formed in her throat.
     He stood motionless and Mercy waited for him to turn back, but he opened the door and grabbed the boxes off the floor. Mercy struggled to find something to say, but nothing right came to mind.
     “Jason, I…I know about…” She held her breath as the pain radiated through her chest. She had to do it. So she squared her shoulders and cleared her throat.
     “I want to be an agent. We both know the rules and I’ll lose everything. I’m sorry.”  Mercy felt her heart breaking in two as the anguish engulfed her. She had to stay strong.
     She watched as Jason broad shoulders tightened under the weight of the boxes. He slowly turned and when their eyes met, his expressive face become almost somber.
     “Mercy, no explanation needed, we’re headed in different directions anyway, so no worries. I’ll take these boxes to the conference room.”
     She felt the ice run through her veins from his cold, emotionless tone.  What did he mean by different directions?   She watched him scuff his feet along the elevator floor as he walked towards her. Her heart refused to believe what her mind was telling her. She stared into his ocean blue eyes as he bent over and kissed her cheek. She gripped the edge of her jacket to keep from reaching for him as her knees grew weak.
     “My distraction has to be better than your clenched fists and focus techniques. Don’t you agree?”
     She heard a faint chuckle from him as he moved back.
     “I’ll see you later. Call me if you need help getting back down.”  
      Mercy froze against the elevator wall. Her mind was still whirling from his kiss, while the irritation burned inside of her from his calloused tone. She was glued to his movements as he turned on his heels and strode out the door. What in the hell just happened? Damn him!  She stomped her foot so hard it sent a pain shooting up her leg, causing her to drop her purse.  She threw her purse back up on her shoulder as she stood up straight. Call him, hell no!   
     The vibration from Mercy’s phone snapped her back to reality. She jammed her hand into her pocket and pulled it out so fast it slipped out and crashed on to the elevator floor. She bent over, grabbed the phone glared at it, shit, her father.  The disappointment that engulfed her was short lived when she read the message. 
     Meet me in Ron’s office, ASAP.’  The hair stood up on the back of her neck as the eerie feeling crept through her veins. Something was wrong.

For the other 256 participating authors and prizes, visit the main event page below.