Saturday, July 27, 2013

My idea of the perfect writing area.

I was in a chat room the other night and listened while other authors described what their writing area was like. Some had quiet rooms filled with books and soft music. Others had screened in porches surrounded by the sounds of the woods around them while a few had a decorated corner in their bedroom.

I stayed pretty quiet because I really had no specific area to describe as my retreat to concentrate. I wrote my first book in the living room. I sat on the couch, while my husband watched TV. 
No special area, quiet room filled with soft music or a relaxing room outside. 
Then I began to think about what my idea of the perfect writing area would be like.
first I thought of a small, quiet room. Surrounded by all my reference books.

Then I thought, why not go bigger. Dream of the perfect area to write the next New York best seller. And it hit me, a tree house. The perfect get away, surrounded by the sounds of nature and surrounded by all my reference books. The best of both worlds.

Pretty nice, right? 

Well It still didn't feel right as my perfect place to relax and write. 
So I sat back on my couch. The one I wrote my first book on and realized I already had the best writing area. It was relaxing and comfortable. My idea of a perfect writing area.

Now don't you agree? This is where I could write for hours. How about you?

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to The last day of Blogger Book Fair


 Blogger Book Fair comes to an end.


Here is one last look at the amazing authors I had to opportunity to host this week.  
Barbara Griffin Billig 

 Caitlyn Nicholas 

 Andrea Goodson 

 And of course Me.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to stop by the website below to meet up with other authors and find some more amazing books to add to your shelf.

Thank you for an amazing week and I will be giving away a $10.00 Amazon gift card to one lucky commentor from this week.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Help me welcome Andrea Goodson to my Blogger Book Fair week of amazing authors and their books

 Riverbend Summary
Nestled deep in Northwest Pennsylvania, in the thick forest of the Allegheny Mountains, is a quiet community named Kennerdell. Rich in Native American and European settlement history with a few inhabitants and a charming culture, growing up there was simple for Lena.

But when grief stepped in and darkened her life-everything changed.

After years of escape, Lena is forced to come home. A web of mystery and danger that dates back to America's earliest days, quickly weaves around her.
When a longtime friend, one who knows the tragedy that plaques Lena's heart, comes back into her life-things get complicated.

Will she be able to unfold the truth around the mystery-or will it be easier to run away?

Love, Danger, and history collide in Riverbend, the first book of the Riverbend Trilogy.

Buy Links:

All three books (Riverbend, Rapid Water, and Walking Tide) are currently released and available on Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Smashwords.

Rapid Water:
Waking Tide:

Andrea Goodson was born in 1982 and had love of and fascination with writing since she was a very young. Always imagining ways in which the world could be different, she began to write short stories when she was very young. It wasn't until many years later that she put pen to paper and began to work on whe has become her first novel, Riverbend, art one in a Trilogy. Upon completion of that work she found that writing was something she felt meant to do and would never be able to give it up. Using her own experiences with hardship and tragedy Andrea uses her writing to reach others in an effort to show the world that we need not be victims of circumstances  Her main characters endure many conflicts yet find the courage and strength to better themselves. 

Thanks!  : )

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help me welcome Caitlyn Nicholas to my Blogger Book Fair week of amazing authors and their books

By Caitlyn Nicholas
Out 1 August 2013

Publisher: Momentum Books


Computer genius and legendary hacker, Dimity Pond, is on the run from the law.

She is married to Jake, who, she discovers, is married to Susan, and is the father of her friend Kitty’s twins. Her landlord has just sold her home to Lord Richard Summerhayes, all her money has disappeared along with her husband, and she is developing a vile migraine.

Richard Summerhayes left the Special Forces after his knee was blown to bits in the Congo. Since then he has built the best disaster-recovery computer network in the world, at a place called The Bunker near Dover, England. Banks, military, airports and other major systems rely on him as the last unshakeable fortress in the face of disaster.

Dimity’s under-the-radar life has fallen apart. Nemesis is back. Six years earlier he framed her for the collapse of Easy Bank. The money was never found, and the bank’s collapse caused untold damage to its customers. She’s been on the run ever since.

When Nemesis destroys Britain’s banking system, the only hope is an encrypted file that only Dimity can crack, located in The Bunker. Will Nemesis manipulate Dimity into helping him with his schemes? Or could Richard help Dimity take Nemesis down once and for all?


“Oh Sarah Easton ——” A cold digital voice mocked her. “It’s about to begin. Send the virus.”
Cold horror washed over Dimity. She jabbed the phone’s off button and dropped it on the table.
A noise, the rough grate of wood on metal, startled her. Numbers curled across her mind as a migraine inched closer.
“It’s the stove.” She spoke out loud, to break the quiet.
Beau – the labrador – cozy and content at the base of the wood-burning stove, continued to sleep as if he’d spent the morning chasing rabbits.
Which he hadn’t.
Unless bacon was involved, Beau never ran.
The silence of the house closed back around her.
She scooped up the phone, hesitating, waiting, and hoping the suffocating dread would dissipate. It didn’t. Then she hooked the handset back into its base, flicked open the dishwasher and unloaded the dirty cups and glasses she’d stacked there in a rare burst of domesticity that morning.
Someone hammered on the front door. A thick white mug, with the faded words Nerd Girl on it, slipped from her fingers, bounced off the side of the dishwasher door and shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor.
Jake? It couldn’t be him. He had a key and was in the south of France. But no one ever came to visit, she made sure of it.
The person hammered again.
“Shit,” she muttered. “This stupid life.”

Author bio
Caitlyn Nicholas began writing in 2005. Exhausted, pregnant and coping with a demanding toddler, she decided the time was right to embark on a writing  career.

To her family's eternal startlement she is now the author of five novels and a short story.

Her debut novel - and the first manuscript she had ever written - Running Scared, was published in 2007. This was followed by Secret Intentions in 2009, The Danger Game in 2012 and, Drive Me To Distraction, also in 2012.  Her next novel, Pursuit, will be out in August 2013.

Author Links
You can find me online at:

Buy links

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Help me welcome Barbara Griffin Billig to my Blogger Book Fair week of amazing authors and their books.

THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE, a fiction novel of survival (3rd edition)

A new FICTION NOVEL for EVERYONE – written for your entertainment & to raise nuclear awareness.

THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE is set in Southern California and deals with characters caught in a disaster that they thought could NEVER happen. Ben, head of Whitewater Nuclear Power Plant & his pregnant wife Sara live in San Mirado, near the ocean. One fateful day the unexpected happens.....Ben and Sara, the plant workers, the people living in San Mirado and those in adjacent cities all have to make decisions as to what to do, where to go. Their choices have both good and bad consequences.

This fictional story brings home the reality of what would or could happen. History has shown us time after time that......what can go wrong....will go wrong. What would YOU do? Your answers may be different after reading this novel. Read how these characters faced difficult choices - and decide what you would have done - or will do.

This book is available at as an ebook (Kindle version) or in paperback. Kindle books can be downloaded to The Kindle or to a PC or Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone. Visit to download a free Kindle app that allows this book to be read on a PC, Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone.

This fiction novel is meant to entertain and to educate. Very little has been written on this subject that is not a deep non-fiction book. And now that we have experienced the nuclear disasters of Fukushima and Chernobyl we know how dangerous these power plants can be. As of 2011 there were 442 nuclear power plants operating or under construction in the world. The United States has 104. Whether it is a terrorist dirty bomb or a nuclear melt down - we should know what is happening and be prepared. I hope you will take the time to read this fictional story. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the E book in 2013 are being donated to a charity to support the forgotten victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

What some of the readers have said:

"I enjoyed this book because it could happen. I think anyone living in a state with a nuclear reactor exists should read this."

"A frightening tale of survival. You never really think about the events that take place after you have been stripped of normal day to day resources. No police, hospitals, you are your own 911 and now have to protect yourself against the world."

"A worthy read! This is a book whose vivid, thought-provoking images have stayed with me even months after reading it! It helped me to better understand the potential repercussions of a nuclear disaster."

Web Page: 
Follow on twitter: @Barbarabillig
Available for Kindle:
On Pinterest:
Read an excerpt now:">
Available also as THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe in Paperback 

Barbara Griffin Billig

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And don't forget to stop by tomorrow and meet Caitlyn Nicholas.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

MS doesn't mean Mental Slug.

As my sister battles with Multiple Sclerosis I decided to read up on treatments, therapies and basically what other people thought about it. What an eye opener.

The labels people put on others just amaze me. MS effects the whole body. It doesn't discriminate against anything so the mind is effected also. The one thing that my sister hates the most is how it effected her memory. Leaving her in what she calls a brain fog. That's where the human ignorance amazed me. I actually found statements from individuals on chat forums stating that once it effected the minds of the patient they should just stay home so they didn't get lost or forget what they were doing when they went out.

That about says it all. MS doesn't mean that their stupid, or slow. So my words to everyone is don't judge. You cannot tell me you've never walked into another room and stopped, wondering why you went there. Or searched the house looking for your keys to find them in your pocket. Memory issues are things we all deal with everyday, not just people with MS.
I don't see my sister as being any slower at anything she does whether it's physical or mental. I just see her as taking her time. Something we all need to do.
Slow down, think things through and enjoy more in life. Someday it might take you a little longer to think things through or walk around your yard.
People with MS actually have the right idea. It takes them a little longer to get where they're going but they enjoy the small things along the way.
 Until next time.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Marketing for Romance Writers summer camp

Summer is always a special time for me. My children come home for visits and I get to sit outsde and enjoy the great outdoors. People think I'm strange becase I love the heat. I don't even mind a few mosquitoes once in  awhile, but just a few. My home has a large deck that is not far from my pond and I'm surrounded by large oak trees. So sitting outside, listening to the frogs and crickets, while writing my next book is heaven for me. This year I want to invite all of you to attend Summer Camp with me. MFRW is an amazing group and they have helped me reached my goal to be a published author with thier advise and information.

So this year join Marketing for Romance Writers summer camp. What is MFRW Summer Camp? Marketing for Romance Writers began as a Yahoo group of a dozen authors who wanted to know how to market their books. They shared information and passed it along to other writers. There are nearly 1800 members today. I love this group because it's not about author promotion or advertising, it's writers helping each other.

When:  July 12-14

Where: Join MFRW’sYahoo group and you’ll be in the loop for A Taste of Summer Camp

Cost: Free!

Added bonus: Prizes!

Who can attend: Everybody. You don’t have to be a romance writer. The information given applies to anyone.

More info will be given on the Yahoo loop, so keep your eyes open. The traffic can get heavy, especially during camp, so you might want to set your preference for this group to Daily Digest. I believe this year, camp will be held at Coffee Time Romance, in the Forum section.

Here is my recipe for the Tate of Summer Camp.  I hope you enjoy it and will attend summer camp with me.
I see many nights around a camp fire with old friends to visit with and new ones to make.

Since my book, Rescued from the Dark,  is a Suspense I decided to add a sizzling Hot Recipe for a great summer dish. This will spice up your special meal, with the emphasis on Spicing up your evening.  :)

Mexi Baked Chicken

Photo by * Pamela *

Another personal friendly favorite of mine. It's flavorful and easy to throw together, bakes in less than 1 hour. I serve this with a side of my Mexican rice.
    • 2 (4 ounce) boneless skinless chicken breasts"2 teaspoons taco seasoning ( I prefer homemade with no sugar added)
    • 1/2 cup salsa, hotter the better
    • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese 


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Spray a shallow, small baking dish with non-stick spray.
  3. Coat chicken lightly with taco seasoning, on both sides; spoon salsa over top of breast. Sprinkle with Jalapenos
  4. Bake, uncovered, about 45 minutes.
  5. Sprinkle cheese on both breasts evenly; bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese is melted through.

Until  next tme,

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sizzling Summer Blog wth a steamy excerpt that will heat up your evening

The Romance Troupe's Sizzling Summer Blog 

Please join over 40 authors and bloggers as we celebrate summer with some fabulous romantic tales. 
Each blog will feature a SIZZLING excerpt from one of the author's own books or from one of their favorite reads.

You could win......

Grand Prize #1
(Alternate prize for international winner)


Grand Prize #2
$50 Amazon/B&N Gift Card
+ Several Surprise Digital Books


Fabulous Swag Pack #1
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
+ Several surprise digital books
(US ONLY for Swag)


Fabulous Swag Pack #2
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
+ Several surprise digital books
(US ONLY for Swag)

                                               Rescued from the Dark


She has no memory of their love...
Kidnapped by terrorists and sent into a drug-induced coma, FBI intern Mercedes Kingsley awakes with no memory of her ordeal—or the intimate interlude that left her pregnant. Convinced her child was fathered by her ex-fiancĂ©, she walks away from the only man she has ever loved, determined to make things work with her ex, a man the FBI suspects is implicated in her abduction.

He knows the truth, but no one will listen...
FBI undercover agent Jason Michaels remembers what Mercy can’t and those memories are breaking his heart. Forced to keep his distance from his lover and their unborn child, Jason risks his life to protect Mercy from a cell of international terrorists who have vowed to get the secrets locked in her memory, no matter the cost. Can Jason convince Mercy to trust him until she remembers their past, or will he lose her to a man who will trap her in a nightmare world of darkness from which there is no escape?

Jason inched closer as her arms tightened around his neck. The electricity from her fingers as they curled into his hair shot down his spine. His hands surrounded her waist and pulled her tight against his chest. Her nipples hardened against him, igniting a flame of desire. How he ached to touch them, taste them.
“Mercy,” he whispered against her lips as he pulled away. “We shouldn't.”
He stopped as she placed her lips back on his. He gripped her waist to push her back until her tongue danced along the outline of his mouth. The fire burned out of control as it raced through him, but he needed to stop. He could not take this risk, not now.
“No Mercy, we can’t—”
“Please, I need this. I need you.” She closed the gap between them.
He stopped and pulled back, inches from her he whispered against her lips, “Mercy, what’s my name, who am I?”
Jason sensed her hesitation as a shiver passed through her. She dropped her head to his neck and he felt the heat from her tears as they rolled down his shoulder.
He pushed her back and cupped her face in his hands. Her tears spilled through his fingers as her pain gripped his heart.
“Mercy, I just—”
“Please don’t, don’t stop. I know you, my heart tells me so.”
Jason felt the waves of her silent tears run through him as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his shoulder. He leaned his head onto hers and strained to hear her whisper.
“I might not remember your name, but I know your touch, the way you make me feel. Love me, and help me remember.” 

  1.  Comment on this page and hop to each stop on the list below and comment to win. REMEMBER, you must leave your email addy in your comment for it to be counted as a valid entry. Each blog you visit raises your chances of winning! 
To win my prize of a $10.00 amazon gift card all you have to do is leave a comment and follow my blog. don't forget to visit the others. There are many other individual prizes to be won, on top of the three main ones.
Good luck to all. 
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I was nominated, now what?

I am honored to  be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Cathrina Constantine

Its a fun award that brings blogs together and allows fellow writers to nominate others they feel should get recognition for their writing.

Part of the acceptance of this award is to answer a list of questions.

Here are the eleven questions for my acceptance"

1.  What one goal must be accomplished by the end of the summer?  I have a Young Adult I am writing that I want to finish.
2.  One regret from your youth.  Not paying closer attention during English class. 
3.  Dancing or watching?  Dancing of course.  : )
4.  Favorite movie star?  Right now its Channing Tatum, just because he is so nice to look at. At my age its all about the eye candy.
5.  Favorite Movie.  I go to the movies every week so it would not fair to have to pick just one. I will give you a category  I love the hallmark channel so that should say it all. I'm a sucker for a sappy tearjerker.
6.  What one thing is on your bucket list?  To go to Ireland. My Grandparents lived there until my Mother was a baby. I grew up listening to the old Irish music and went to an Irish Catholic church. Great memories.
7.  Best night ever.  The night I found out my painting won a college scholarship to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was 16 and on top of the world.
8.  Tea or Coffee?  Coffee in the morning and then a cup of tea before I go to bed.
9.  Whats your most loved pet?  My dog Shadow. She is a wolf and is 16. She's my writing companion.
10. Favorite vacation destination?  The beach. Any beach.  : )
11. Favorite mode of transportation   The car of course. I love to drive and have been known to load up the car and take off on a Friday with no set destination. The kids loved our spontaneous trips.

Now you know a little more about me, lets see if I could learn a little more about you.
What one thing is on your bucket list?  I love this question because your bucket list should be a list of your dreams.
Leave a comment with your answer for a chance to win a $5.00 amazon gift card.
Good luck to everyone. 


Monday, July 1, 2013

MS Monday, Why I would give up everything for my sister.

As a writer I research a lot of events, places and different life styles for my stories. But when my sister was diagnosed with MS my research took on a whole new meaning.
I searched the web for anything that would make her life easier. New therapies, drug trials, life aids that would make tasks simpler but nothing prepared me for the day I realized I couldn't buy something to make this go away.
MS is a life long disease. It effects the person diagnosed and their family. My sister was diagnosed in 2006. She has always been a very strong and independent person, and still is, just with a few modifications.  We realized a few months ago that it was getting harder for her to stay on her own. Her leg was getting weaker and the effects on her arm made simple tasks like getting dressed more difficult by the day. We made a family decision, and my sister made a difficult journey from being on her own to living with me. I know how hard that was for her and I admire her for what she goes through everyday.

We did learn one thing very quickly, with MS many things change and a lot of them are invisable. Unlike other diseases, or injuries, most people do not understand MS and its effects. Many are misinformed so here are a few things I came to understand to better help my sister with her changing life.

First and most important, Everyday will be different.
Everything will take longer and don't try to help unless you're asked.
MS might slow her down but she wants to hold on to every bit of independance she can and attempt to finish what she starts.
Some days she will be up and able to get around, others she will not be able to get out of bed.
Her life revolves around crutches, canes, braces, physical therapy and numerious medications, but that doesn't change who she is. The devices, and medication, allow her to be able to walk as long as she can.

I feel blessed because I get to spend everyday with my sister, for that I am thankful.
I will cntinue to do research to find what I can to help her. But I will also do everything I can to raise awareness, and support for MS research.
Everyday gets us one day closer to a new drug to make her life a little easier, and one day closer to a cure.

I am going to continue to do what I can to make her life easier, because she makes mine so much better.

Thank you for stopping by. Next week we will discuss what therapies my sister has tried and what ones she would love to if her doctor would approve.

Until next time,