Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A walk down memory lane

As I continue through my journey to publish my first book, I find myself looking back at what I've learned.
Wow, it has been along time since high school English. You never realize how much our technology effects our daily communication and writing skills.
When I was younger, (Yah, not saying how old I am, but this should give you a hint), I would write letters and I even had a pen pal. Do you remember what they were? I know, once again, showing the age.
I remember getting stationary for Christmas gifts and would wait by the mailbox for my next letter, and I knew what sentence structure was and where to put a comma.
Well, now I would like to tell you what to do with the comma, and it has nothing to do with a sentence. (sorry Might Queen of English, comma's still hate me, but I'm still working on them.)
With today's changing technology we have gotten away from pen and paper, and moved to keyboards and smart phones. I have to admit, over the years I have let my basic English knowledge lapse. OK, I let it die and I buried it.
When I started to write I was so excited, I had a story and I wanted to tell it.  I would write for hours, slave over every word and give it to friends and family to read. As I waited, I fantasized about all the great things they would say and the encouragement I would get. Then my sister finally called and her first encouraging words were. Your basic English sucks! I had to do so many punctuation and grammar corrections that I haven't had any time to decide if I like your story.  I was crushed, but it was the truth. So I did the only adult thing I could think of, I told my sister to bite my but, (not what I really said)  and I hung up on her.
She has long since forgiven me and I have taken a few workshops on grammar and punctuation. I owe a big thanks to the great, 'MM Queen of English'. I took one of her workshops and it brushed off some cobwebs, and helped me regain some respect from my family. I'm not the illiterate one anymore.
I have a long way to go to regain 30 years of forgotten basic English skills, but I'm getting there, and so is my book.
I am half way through Editpalooza, and it is amazing. The girls at  savvy authors are amazing and have taught me a lot.
So I am looking at the big 30 day countdown to submission! 
It has been a long journey and i still have a little more work to do but I see the end of this chapter, which will start my next one.  The achievable contract and the second book. (which I have already started.)
So remember, as you are texting, chatting and e-mailing, make sure you utilize your words and type in full sentences. It might take you longer but you will look smarter. :}

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

The line from that song is a question everyone can answer. You might not be able
to remember what you had for dinner, or where you put your keys, but everyone
remembers where they were the minute, they heard about the twin towers.

I watch the news, listen to people talk and realize we take our freedom for
granted, still.

When people talk about the fighting, and the war, it is always over there,
or somewhere else. Well we had a wakeup call 10 years ago and realized that we
can be the 'over there, and somewhere else.'

As time has passed we remember that day, show our support and thank our
military, but we also complain about our government’s decision, or their lack
of. We discuss openly and loudly on how we do not agree with our president and
his choices, and we argue with our military's decision on where we are, for how
long, and why. As Americans, we live in a country where we can, and thats ok.

I have my opinions, I do not agree with some of the decision that our
president or government have made. I don't like that our sons and daughters are
still on foreign soil fighting a battle I'm not sure we can win, and I don't
like the fact that promises have been made to bring everyone home safe but our
children are still coming home in caskets.

BUT... the decisions that were made, and the places our military have to go,
keep us safe at home so we don't have to re-live that day.

Pearl Harbor was a day in history and we did, at that time, what we thought
was right, to avenge the loss of life and to protect our freedom and not
everyone agreed with the decisions then, either.

What I am trying to say is let us not lose perspective. Not everyone is going
to agree on every decision, but we all agree on one thing, we want our freedom

Let us take today and not question the decisions, or who made them, or look for
someone to blame for everything that has gone wrong because of them.

Let us thank everyone involved for keeping us safe and protecting our home.

I have family members and friends in the military and I just want to say to
all of them,

We love you and are very proud of you for the sacrifices you make every day
to keep us safe