Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello, my names Lynda and I'm a book addict.

I believe all book addicts should stick together, form a support group. Oh wait, there's already quite a few of them, and I'm not talking about book clubs.

My sister is a psych nurse and she's always telling me there's a support group out there for everything, and she was right.

Did you know that there are support groups out there for people afraid of the color red? Groups out there for ones who sleep too much, or too little. Even support for people afraid of flannel. I was in shock at the list she sent me and about chocked on my coffee when I came to one specific group.

Support groups for those who are afraid of books.

Really? How can you be afraid of something that can open your mind to another world, or allow you to escape from the one that's driving you crazy.

I never thought of books as something that would cause shear panic to a person, but it can and I feel nothing but total respect, and sadness for those who suffer from this ailment.

Everyone should be able to feel the sense of excitement that a good story can bring to their life, but if you share the fear of books how could you experience this. Then it hit me...Audio books.  : )  No paper, no pages of words that feel like they're going to swallow you alive, just someone's soothing voice filling your world with an amazing story.

So to everyone with a fear of books, go audio, you will love it.

Here's a small excerpt from 
Rescued From the Dark. A romantic suspense that will keep you up late and have you on the edge of your seat until you hit the last page.

 What if you woke up from a nightmare, trapped in a world of darkness, with no memory of how you got there? Rescued from the Dark is a passionate, gripping story about FBI agent, Jason Michaels, confronting his duty to his country, and struggling with his feelings for a woman with no memory of their love.

    An explosion ricocheted behind Jason Michael’s eyes as the pressure mounted in his head. The rush of panic consumed him. He struggled to move, tried to swallow, but nothing. His throat burned as the flames engulfed his lungs. He needed to breathe, but couldn't. Shit.  He strained to make out the muffled voices, but pounding in his ears erased all hope. His head started to spin and he succumbed to the realization, this was it, the end, he won.  The flames dampened and his heartbeat slowed as the drums subsided. 







Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Memorial Day is special to me.

I was raised in a military family. My Father was in the Navy and both my Grandfathers served so Memorial Day was a special day.

We would put up flags and have a big picnic with the family. there would be many stories told, and glasses raised for those who were not able to be with us.

I celebrate this year in the honor of my father, and grandfather, but I also feel blessed to have three of my children serving in the armed forces today.
I am very proud of my two sons who are members of our great Navy, and a daughter who is a Marine. 

I want to thank them for what they have given up, for our freedom, and they have given up a lot. We've missed holidays, birthdays and my sons have missed out in years of their small children s lives, but they wouldn't change a thing. They believe in protecting our great USA.

So as you enjoy your long weekend remember the true meaning to the day.     "All gave some, and some gave all."

Remember the fallen for they gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Drug of choice...Story Telling

I work all day, then come home to animals that need fed, basic household chores, then dinner.
By the time all of this is over it's pretty close to 8pm.  I'm tired and know that 6am is going to come around faster than I want it to, but my mind is reeling with characters screaming to get their thoughts on paper, so I write.
Sometimes I'm up to 2am, and I know I should get into bed but I can't.
I Love to Write.

It's my addiction and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
In my spare time I'm either reading, or writing. I carry a notebook with me, and find myself jotting down ideas all day so I can put them together at night. Some people find me crazy. They know my life is busy. I hold down a demanding job, live on a busy farm and help take care of my sister who has MS. I have very little time to myself, but I can't help it.
It's my stress relief and makes me smile.

I am truly living my dream.

Find what makes you smile and live your dream. Even if you don't feel your life has anymore room for anything new, do it anyway. If it's what you want to do, it will fit. Everyone needs something to look forward to even if its just a few minutes of peace to make them smile.
My day is coming to an end, and my characters are begging to come out and play so I'm off to put the clothes in the dryer, the dishes in the dishwasher and make my cup of coffee. Then I'm going to sit in front of my computer, smile wide and start to type. 
My drug of choice, story telling. 

Until next time.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to Everyone

Mothers Day has always been a special day for me. When I was a little girl I spent Mothers day making cards and gifts for my Mother, and Grandmother. Then, at a very young age I became a Mother and soon realized what my grandmother meant when she said that the best gift I could give her would be more time.

So when my children asked what I wanted for Mothers day, or even my birthday I always asked for time. 

It took them a few years but they finally got it and instead of buying gifts we would plan a day of activities. Some years we went to the Zoo, others the beach or just stay at home and watch a movie. It never mattered as long as we were together.

As time went on, and the kids grew they tried to buy gifts, but we always went back to the same thing, just spending time together. 

Now I have Grandchildren and they made me smile when I heard them ask their parents what they wanted for their special day and my children told them just time.

Have a very special Mother's Day and I hope you get exactly what you want...more time with the ones you love.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Is Sleep all that important?

As a child we are put to bed early. Our parents telling us that we need to get our rest so we can be awake for the fun things that we had planned for the next day, so we did as we were told. Well some of us.

I would pretend to be asleep so that once my parents were back downstairs I could sneak out of bed.  I would tip toe to the top of the stairs and inch my way down to the middle which gave me the perfect view of the living room, and the TV. I thought I was so smart until my sister told on me.

Then as a teenager we would pull all nighters to study for tests that we've known about for months, but never found the time to get ready for. We would ingest massive amounts of caffeine, and eat anything sweet that wasn't hidden. Those were the good ole days because we could stay up all night and still feel great the next morning. We were cocky enough to tell our parents that they were wrong. We didn't need sleep to have fun.

Then we grew up and moved out. We would work all day, party all night and then take a nap and do it again. We were like super hero's with special powers. Who needed sleep? Not us.

Then we had children and we realized our years of all nighters were just practice for the rest of our life. And to think, our parents just called us irresponsible, what little they knew. We were just practicing for our future.

Sleep is the one thing that we need, yet on many occasions get very little of.  But we move forward with life. We take our naps, pass our tests, be invincible as a young adults, learn how to take care of a newborn in a walking zombie state, and have them survive.

What this all means is that we learn to adapt. Life does not come with an instruction manual. We make mistakes, and learn from them. We just figure it out as we go along.

                                                 If it was really that simple.

That's how my writing career has been so far. I've taken many paths, figured out what works, and what doesn't and what is just not for me. I've taken on too much, and pulled back to re-group then ventured back out to find out what path works best for me.

Right now I'm working on a story that has caused many sleepless nights, but since I work full time, write part time, have five children and a farm filled with animals that insist on a clean barn, and daily food, sleep is not high on my priority list.

So sleep a little, and live a lot. You only have one life, don't waste it on your back, spend it on your feet enjoying every possible minute.

Here's an excerpt from my next book, Last Chance to Run.

 The footsteps faded behind him and he was alone with the woman he loved. A crushing pain shot through his chest. Her breathing was so shallow, yet rapid and beads of sweat rolled over her temples, soaking into her hair. Brushing his fingers along her cheek, he whispered.
 “You are my love, my life, my forever.” Her eyes fluttered and her lips opened.
Her voice was a faint whisper, but he heard his name. He froze as she raised her shaking hand and feathered her fingers across his cheek. The heat from her touch set off a spark that jolted his heart. Then her hand fell back onto the bed. A tear escaped from her eye and his heart ripped in two as he bent forward and kissed it away.
“I’m here baby, it’s going to be alright, I promise.” His lips brushed against hers and she stiffened under his touch.
Jake pulled back as her eyes flew open, and she gasped.
Tracy let out a strangled cry as a steady stream of tears ran down her cheeks. She flew up into his arms, locking hers tight around his neck. He pulled her close and rested his cheek on her head as his silent tears flowed.  Her body shook in his arms and he swallowed past the wrenching pain that was tearing him apart. He wanted to pick her up, take her away from this nightmare and make her forget. Beg her for forgiveness.  His grip tightened, not wanting to ever let go, as she sobbed into his neck, soaking his shirt with her tears.
He rocked her gently until she winced. He snapped out of his fog and pulled away, not wanting to hurt her, but she tightened her hold. Two years, two long years and he had to let her go or he’d lose her. He pulled his head back and leaned down, brushing his lips across her cheek.
                “Tracy, you have to lie down. I need to get this bleeding stopped.”

“I can’t, you’ll go away. You always pull away from me in my dreams. Please don’t, don’t let me go.” Her cry vibrated through his body as he held her. His heart shattered into a million pieces as her tears flowed in a steady stream across her flushed cheeks. He knew what he should do, but his eyes met hers and he saw a flicker of light he thought he would never see again. He lowered his lips and feathered them across hers, then he kissed away every tear that fell. He captured the last one and whispered into her ear. “I will never, ever let you go again.” He captured her lips and she melted into his arms. 

If life doesn't get in the way I will have this story complete, and out to publishers by the end of the month. 
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back again soon.