Monday, February 16, 2015

A Mother's love should never come with a price.

      Child Abuse needs a voice, and should never be hushed.

It's an epidemic, and happening all around us, but we don't see it. Abuse is not always physical. It can be emotional and verbal. They all leave the same scars, I know. I hide my own.

In my Young Adult, If I Knew Then, Angel suffers in silence. She struggles to do the right thing, even if it means she will have to hide the evidence to save her family from the shame of her mothers secrets.

Many children around us suffer in silence. We need to take off our blinders and give them a voice. A secure set of arms to run to for safety. 
My book will be published this year and I am hoping to give at least one child the strength to speak up. Search for the love they will need to overcome. 

         All children want is to be loved. unconditionally

Here's as excerpt from...If I Knew Then.


Angel dreamed of a life of freedom. One filled with love that didn't come with a price.  She hid the pain until Jax entered her life. Can he give her what she needs to let go of the past or will he leave her with a bigger challenge that will change her future?

Angel fought to keep her family safe from the evil that threatened to destroy her. She made sure she was always the one in front of her sisters when her Mother yielded her wrath. Always keeping the danger that surrounded them a secret. To lessen the blow, she lived a lie that everyone believed, except for one. He was her only source of happiness until one day he was gone. With nothing left, and no one to turn to, she must outrun her past, and overcome the secret that she fights to hide, before her Mother destroys everything she has left to hold on to. 

“Get in my closet and don’t say a word. I’ll fix this, don’t worry.”  She got her sisters set and swallowed past the lump in her throat as a loud crash echoed from downstairs. She’s up. Angel’s heart raced as she raced down the hall. She rounded the corner, into the living room and froze. The coffee table was on its side, and her Mother was on the floor in a bed of broken glass. Her heart dropped as she bent over the motionless body.
“Mom, Mom, are you okay?” Tears burned her eyes as she fought to hold them back, then a faint moan slipped from her mother’s still lips.
 “Don’t move. I’m going to help you up.” She inched over the shattered glass and lifted her mother. The slivers stabbed at her feet as she moved her to the couch. Her mother lifted her head, and her eyes were beet red. Angel ran to the kitchen and grabbed a wet dish towel. When she got back she knelt before her and peeled off the blanket she was wrapped in. It kept her from getting cut, and Angel shuddered as her fear was replaced with relief.
“Stay here and I’ll clean this up.” She patted her mom’s knee, jumped up and turned sideways just as her mom raised her foot, shoving her onto the broken table. She threw her hands out to catch her fall and splintered glass slit through her palms and knees as she slid across the carpet.
“Look at what you did. How clumsy can you be?" Her mother's cold tone stabbed at Angel's heart. "Get this mess cleaned up. What’s your dad going to think about you stumbling around in the dark, tripping over the furniture?" 
Angel gulped back the pain, but she couldn't stop the tears.
"I’ll have to tell him you were drinking again. Do you know how bad that will make him feel? His perfect little Angel, falling from grace.”
Her slurred words, and acid tone, burned away any compassion left inside of her. She stayed in the middle of the glass as her mother stumbled past. The slamming door was a welcome sound, and she let her tears fall. She just wanted to curl up somewhere and make this all end, but she had to get to her sisters, keep them safe. She opened her eyes, and her stomach rolled at the site of the pool of blood beneath her hand. The throbbing raced up her arm, and her head started to spin as the room went dark

I will post more as the release date gets closer, and don't forget, silence will not solve the problem. 

Speak up, ask for help, it's out there....I promise....I know. I've been there.

Lynda Kaye Frazier
Twitter- lynda_kaye 
Amazon Author page:
Writing is my passion, Reading is my Love.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Help me welcome Jennifer Gibson and her award winning series

Her story is heart-felt and one you will not want to put down until the end.

 Based on a true story, the novel Sway is about a hearing impaired teenager named Jessie who tries her best to blend in at school. Every day proves to be a test of her resolve when she is constantly plagued by the ruthless pranks of her classmates who are determined to make her life miserable. When a handsome stranger arrives in the nick of time, Jessie wonders if he is too good to be true. Is Ethan’s attention genuine, or will he betray her trust, too?

 In Compass, the sequel to Sway, Jessie’s life begins to change its course, sending her towards a new reality. When her world is ripped apart by an angry rival, the one person she trusted to stand by her side, simply walks away. With her composure shattered, Jessie questions everything she believed about herself, and as her life takes her on a new path, it becomes a perilous journey, full of surprising twists and turns

 Jessie’s journey began in Sway and Compass. As we continue to follow her in Destiny, she stumbles across a revelation that could change everything and finds herself standing on the precipice of life.

Jessie is determined not to let her hearing loss hold her back. She aims her sights even higher as she ventures in a new direction. With a Black Belt on the horizon, and so close to achieving it, she is unaware of the danger closing in on her. Will she be strong enough to hold on or will she succumb to the darkness that surrounds her?

Fall in Love with this award-winning series about a hearing impaired teen, a story of struggle and heartfelt courage.

Now on SALE for  $0.99!-->

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Release...Dating Trouble, by Anna Katmore.


Trouble has never looked so hot…

Sue wants Ethan, and Chris wants Sue.

Drawn to Ethan and intrigued by Chris, Susan Miller finds herself caught between identical twin brothers at her school. When both of them start wooing her at the same time, she only has to take her pick. Right? Wrong! Ethan is reluctant to kiss her, and Chris wants her for the completely wrong reasons.

Nothing like his obliging and sweet brother, Chris Donovan has trouble written all over him. He changes girls like other guys change t-shirts, and the next trophy on his little list is Susan. That’s the last thing she wants, yet she finds herself responding to all the goodnight texts and other cheeky messages Chris sends. The guy has a way of getting under her skin like no one ever has before.

How long will it be until Susan falls for his smooth charm and gets herself into more trouble than she can possibly handle? And where does that leave Ethan?


I opened the message and read: Not like a geek.
Who in the world was supposed to make sense of that? Was there something missing? Scratching my head, I typed: What? And sent it off.
While waiting for his explanation, I keyed in a quick update about tonight for Simone, but also added Sam and Lisa to the receiver line. As soon as that text had gone out, my phone started to ring. My first thought was that one of the girls had been really quick to read my text and wanted to talk about it, but checking the display, it said that a certain Arrogant dick had dialed my number.
What in the world— “Chris, why are you calling me?” I groaned into the phone. But I’d probably run right into that one when I decided to respond to his text.
“To wish you a pleasant night and to answer your question,” Chris replied with a chuckle.
An irritated sigh escaped me. “Does your brother know that you’re talking to me?”
“No. He just came in…too soon after he drove you home, if you ask me.” He added with a tease in his voice, “Does that mean he, once again, didn’t kiss you?”
Teeth clenched, I snarled, “None of your business.”
“Come on, it’s a simple yes or no question.” An amused laugh drifted through the line. “I’ll sleep a lot better if I know the answer.”
What did I care if he slept well? “Why don’t you ask him yourself if you want to know so badly?”
“Okay… Since you told me to…” There was a pause and the sound of a door opening which added ten extra degrees to my blood. He wasn’t really going to— “Hey, Ethan!” Chris called out, cutting my thought short. “Did you kiss Susan tonight?”
“No. Why?” The answer came from far away. My heart sank with Ethan’s flat voice. Then a door banged shut somewhere in Chris’s house.
“Ethan said no,” he rubbed it in, as if I hadn’t heard the news myself. “I wonder why he didn’t.” His voice had adopted a thoughtful edge that was one hundred percent fake. “Could it be that he’s just not interested?”
Much as his suggestion stung, I was wondering it myself. But it was too early to give up hope just yet. Third time’s a charm, the saying chanted in my mind as I said to Chris, “FYI, he asked me on another date.”
“Aw, playing video games again? Is that really your idea of a successful date?”
“We’re going to the movies.” And might play some video games before that, but I didn’t mention it. “Your idea of a successful date is probably coming out of your room with bed hair and a messy shirt.”
Chris waited a second. There was an unmistakable smirk in his tone when he purred in my ear, “I knew you noticed that.” His voice became even lower and a quantum more seductive. “Did it bother you?”
“Why the hell would it?”
“Because, for one,” Chris didn’t hesitate a beat to explain, “I look exactly like my brother and, from what I can tell, you’re totally into him. Means you’re totally into me, too. And two, only one out of us seems to be dying to snatch a kiss from you these days.”
His explanation, or whatever the heck that was, sent my thoughts into complete chaos. It was silent enough to hear a pin drop in my room.
“You stopped breathing, Sue.” There was, for once, not the slightest edge of teasing in his tone. Rather astonishment. But that faded away quickly and a chuckle carried through the line. “I guess that means you agree with me on both points.”
Did I? The likeness of the twins was striking and not something one could overlook. Since I thought Ethan was the cutest boy in the world, it would make sense to assume I thought the same about Chris. Except that Chris was lacking charm, manners, courtesy, and my fabulous taste in music. Although his singing “Stay” had stroked a sense of admiration awake in me.
“Chris, tell me one thing,” I whispered, not at all sure if I really wanted an answer. “You had the most beautiful girl in your room this afternoon. Why do you want to kiss me?”
“Because Lauren, like most other girls, is an easy catch.” After telling me this in the most nonchalant way, he made a dramatic pause. “You, on the other hand, challenged me today—and in front of my friends, too.”
“So you want me because you can’t have me?”
“Who says I can’t have you?”
“I do.”
“Oh, okay. So yes, then I definitely want you.”
His logic made me laugh, but there was more frustration than humor ringing in it. “You need to understand that I could never kiss a guy without having true feelings for him…which I don’t have for you, Chris.”
“Really?” His voice went up like he was scrunching up his face. “I’ve kissed more than twenty girls the past few months, and it was lots of fun. But not one of them made me feel anything. Well, other than—”
“Stop it!” I shouted, squeezing my eyes shut. “I don’t want to hear it.”
“Okay, okay,” he laughed. “Anyway, there’s another reason why I want you.”
“What’s that?”
“You looked way hot in that dress today. Definitely not like a geek, which should answer your question to begin with.” I thought he couldn’t sound any more seductive than that, but a moment later, he proved me wrong, as his voice dropped another notch and picked up a layer of heat. “If I’d been the one driving you home tonight, I would have kissed you. And you would have liked it.”
Chills ran down my back and arms like a melting scoop of ice cream. Not unpleasant, but awkward, anyway.
“Sleep tight, sweetness,” he breathed and hung up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Help me welcome Lisa Medley as we spotlight her story Haunt My Heart.

Haunt My Heart

Haunt My Heart by Lisa Medley
Paranormal Romance: Ghost, Witchcraft, Hex and Sex.
Words 68K (272 pages)
eISBN-13:  978-0-9908856-0-3

A Civil War soldier dies to save his men. Can he find true love to live again?
Sarah Knight has a job she’s good at, a quirky BFF, and a boyfriend who’s bad for her. When Sarah unearths a Civil War artifact on a ghost hunt at Chatham Manor, she brings home more than a souvenir
Lieutenant James “Tanner” Dawson fought for the Union, working as a supernatural liaison for his Major General in a secret Masonic offset called the Brothers of Peril. When he’s hexed by a witch, he learns the only way to save his men is to die himself. But death is not the end. Awakening 150 years later, he knows if he wants to be corporeal again, he has to find true love to break the hex—a task no easier in 21st century than it was in the 19th.

Excerpt from Chapter One:
 “Hurry up, Sarah. We’re going to miss the ghost!”
Sarah Knight rolled her eyes in the cold December darkness, but trotted after Ellie’s bouncing flashlight beam. Sarah’s heels crunched through the frozen topsoil as she crossed the lawn, and she worried about the damage being done to her only pair of sensible work shoes. Ellie had failed to mention this would be on an outdoor excursion.
Ellie had been dragging her out on girls’ nights against her better judgment since they graduated from college. Last month, they’d gone to a mixed martial arts fight, complete with blood, screaming and more than one missing tooth. And that had been the spectators.
Ellie had a strange idea of fun. It was only in the car on the way over that Sarah had learned tonight’s adventure would be a ghost hunt.
Sarah and Ellie caught up to the tour group as the leader, a tall dark-haired man in his mid-forties, wrapped up his ghost-hunting protocol explanation. She’d missed the rules. Ellie wouldn’t care about missing that part. She hated following the rules, but Sarah was a little miffed. If she was going ghost hunting, she wanted to know exactly what the boundaries were.
“Great,” Sarah whispered. “We missed the rules.”
“At least we didn’t miss the ghost,” Ellie pointed out. “And they haven’t doled out the equipment yet.” Ellie’s mouth split into a mischievous smile, and she angled up closer to the group leader.
“Again, my name is Allen if you have any questions during the tour. Since we have such a large group tonight, we’ll split into two teams. Carla will take this half.” Allen sliced an imaginary line through the group of twenty or so ghost-hunters. “And the rest of you will go with me.”
Relieved she and Ellie were on the same side of the line, Sarah snuggled up closer to her friend and surveyed the rest of their team. A middle-aged couple, a grandmotherly woman, and a group of ten sorority girls—exactly the type of girls she’d avoided in college—made up Team Allen. The girls sported matching Greek-lettered sweatshirts, scarves and mittens and tittered incessantly. Sarah was fairly sure their chance of seeing a ghost with this group was nil. Fine with her. Ellie was the one who went for the paranormal stuff.
“We’ll walk the path where the Lady in White has typically been spotted. Carla’s team will cover the grounds around the house,” Allen said. He nodded to Carla, and she gave him a little salute, then led her team around to the side of the building. Allen’s group stayed put in the doorway.
“First, I’ll need a couple of volunteers,” Allen announced.
Ellie’s hand shot up before Sarah could register what was happening. “We’ll do it.”
Classic Ellie, leaping before she looked. She didn’t even know what she was volunteering for. It could be anything. If Allen wanted virgins to sacrifice, however, he was out of luck.
Allen pulled two little handheld meter devices out of his messenger bag. His brows lowered a bit as he studied Ellie, cast his eyes around the group, then settled back to her. Ellie’s enthusiasm won out and Allen handed one device to her and the other to Sarah.
“This is the Anomaly Detector,” Allen said with all the reverence of presenting the sword Excalibur. “It measures EMP and temperature. If these lights change, it’s your job to let us know. I’ll be taking photos and interacting with the ghost, trying to draw her out. I can’t keep my eyes on all of the devices at once. Can you manage this?”
“Absolutely,” Ellie squealed.
Sarah resisted rolling her eyes again. She accepted the detector and did her best to reduce her scowl.
“It’s okay to be skeptical,” Allen said. “It makes it all the more exciting when we convert you to a believer.” His smile warmed and Sarah realized he was actually handsome. Old, but handsome. What an otherwise normal and attractive man—who was way old enough to know better—was doing leading a bunch of ghost hunters, she had no idea. People were strange. She supposed she’d have to include herself in that judgment, considering she now held a ghost detector.

Lisa Medley writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance about monsters in love, because monsters need love too. Look for Reap & Repent (Bk 1) and Reap & Redeem (Bk 2) of The Reaping Series, available now. A lover of beasties of all sorts, she has a farm full of them in her SW MO home including:  one child, one husband, two dogs, two cats, a dozen hens, thousands of Italian bees and a guinea pig. Not so in love with the guinea pig. She can do ten pushups IN A ROW and may or may not have a complete zombie apocalypse bug-out bag in her trunk at all times. Just. In. Case.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and Nano

                     I love coffee and writing. 
                   What a great combination.

November is half over and I am not half way through my Nano Project, but don't worry. I plan on pushing along until the bitter end. 

This year I have seen many challenges, and my writing has had to take a back seat, but not forgotten back there.
That's why Nano is so important this year, and why I decided  to do a romantic comedy. 
The story is a comedy of errors between a kick ass bull rider and the marketer that has to tame him to save his career.

Here's a sneek peak from chapter 2:

Leather, Lace and forgotten Promises.

Lace limped past the group waiting for the elevator. She kicked the door closed behind her knowing this was probably her last day here and rage took over all common sense. She threw her bag to the floor and kicked  her heel off when the door flew open. Darcy waltzed in with a cup of coffee and shoved it in her cold hands.
“I can tell you need this, now drink,” said Darcy.
She took a deep breath in hopes the aroma would calm the urge to race into the conference room and strangle Michael, but it only fueled it.
“The gossip train is busy today and your driving the engine dear. Your entrance today has everyone’s  lips flapping out there. I know you have a personal bubble issue, But do dish on the details of your attire.” Lace sipped the steamy cup of courage as Darcy shook her head.
“This was a peach blouse, and black skirt, before that damn taxi decided I needed to wear the mud puddle I chose to stand in front of. But that’s not the worst part. I broke my heel chasing the son-of-a-bitch.” Lace leaned over and picked up what was left of her black Valentino’s. “ I saved months for these. ”
“Wow, too bad sugar. They were to die for. But we have bigger problems. Now finish that  while I try and figure out how I can fix this, because if you’re out of a job, so am I.”
I chugged the adrenaline laced CafĂ© Mocha and racked my brain to find a way out of this mess, but I knew from the look in Steve’s eyes that his mind was made up. All he knew was that Mike informed me about the change and I chose to show up late, and a total mess.
“Oh, no you don’t, Lace. I put in too many hours trudging through that damn cow shit  for you to let that pencil dick win. So let’s think. Ricker represents bull riders, won’t they understand a little mud,  if we put a spin on it?”
“Sure, but how are we going to work in  a broken shoe?”
“Just go barefoot. They’re rodeo cowboys, how smart can they be? You’re a marketing genius, make this work. I finally got you whipped into the best boss and I’m too damn old to train another.”
Darcy was the perfect secretary. She knew what was needed before it was asked for and did work her ass off for this contract. She looked at her watch. Five minutes until they started.
                “Okay, if this is going to be my last day, let’s make it count. Do you still have those bags I gave you? ”
                Darcy retrieved them  in seconds and dumped the contents on the desk.  Belts, buckles, cowboy hats, T-shirts and one red western shirt, with god awful fringe.  I jerked off my blouse and grabbed the T-shirt.
                “What boob are you going to cover with that? We bought everything small and there’s nothing small about those.” Snorted Darcy as she tried to hide her laugh.
                “Today I have to go from a D cup to a B, now help me.” She pulled the T-shirt over her head and crammed in her right arm, struggling with the left when Darcy yanked the shirt down. She shimmied it over her chest and it curled up at the waist.  Darcy grabbed the scissors and Lace stepped back.
                “What are you going to do with those?”
                “Turn a small into a medium and pray it works,so turn around.” Lace didn't even think, Right now she would do anything. Darcy clipped away and the T-shirt loosened, dropping  to cover her stomach.
                “The front looks great, I just need to step in and back up against the door.”
                “No you don’t sugar. Just put this on.”
                Lace caught the fringe and just shook her head. She crammed  her arms in and could barely move her shoulders.  It dropped to her waist with no chance in hell of closing in the front . She turned to her reflection and groaned, but knew she had to pull this off, then she looked down. Shit.
                “Put these on.” Darcy said as she kicked off her shoes.
                “Those are amazing to look at, but you like yours tall. Those have to be six inches. I’m a two inch kind of girl. I’ll kill myself.”
                “Not today,just strut what you haven’t smashed down, and you’ll be a shoe in.”
“Haha, very funny. But if I come back in a cast it’s all your fault.”
“You won’t, and don’t break those. I borrowed them, kind of, and have to get them back in one piece if you know what I mean. Now get moving.  I’ll go to the file room and grab a few boxes just in case this goes south.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Just speaking from experience with you, darling.”

Now back to writing. I have 14 more days, and still almost 30,000 words to write.

Until next time


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Help me welcome Sandra Jones as we celebrate her new release, Her wicked Captain.

Her Wicked Captain
River Rogues #1
By: Sandra Jones
Releasing November 4, 2014
Samhain Publishing

She played right into his hands.
Possessing uncanny people-reading skills like her mama, Philadelphia “Dell” Samuels has spent thirteen years in her aunt’s rustic Ozarks home, telling fortunes over playing cards and trying to pass as white. But the treacherous Mississippi River childhood her mama dragged her away from finally catches up to her on a steamboat captained by her old friend Rory Campbell.
Known to his crew as the Devil’s Henchman, Rory is a gambler in need of a miracle. Following the cold trail of his boss’s wife and bastard daughter, Dell, Rory has only one goal in mind: saving his crew from the boss’s cruelty by ruining him. The only one who can defeat the Monster of the Mississippi is the man trained to take his place. Rory’s convinced he can lure his boss into a high-stakes game against a rival, and with Dell’s people-reading skills, the monster will lose everything.
Under Rory’s tutelage and protection, Dell agrees to the tortured captain’s plan. Passion and peril quickly bring them together as lovers. But when Rory’s plan goes awry, the lives of the innocent depend on Dell’s ability to read the situation correctly—and hopefully save them all.


If he hadn’t introduced himself, Dell wouldn’t have recognized him. Her childhood memories came in spurts and flickers like sparks drifting up from a burning log, to vanish into the void of a black sky. She recalled how big everything had seemed—her mama’s dressing room, the nice bed where she slept the day away, and the giant paddle wheels as the steamboats came into port. How the kids would come running from the city streets to gather around each arriving ship like a swarm of giddy flies, and the older girls would wave at her friend—her playmate, Rory.
“Gory Rory. You ate a pollywog catfish? Ew!” She’d once teased. Gory Rory? Had she really called him that?
Presently, the captain’s strong arms went around her as he lifted her over the rail. His hands lingered on her sides a moment past propriety.
Flushing, she stepped aside. “Thank you.”
He winked at her and helped hoist the rest of the party up from the keelboat onto the packet’s leaning deck. Standing behind her cousins, Dell could still feel the branding on her ribs where his hands had touched her. She willed herself not to panic, but her pulse fluttered wildly at the base of her throat. She couldn’t hide, nor could she return to the riverbank, though every second she stood under his nose was another second he might recognize her.
She couldn’t allow that to happen.
The steamboat’s whistle rattled to life, and she jerked as if she’d been shot, grabbing the rail. The deafening roars and metallic tones sounded overhead as she gritted her teeth. She vaguely recalled standing too near as a babe, and now fought the instinct to cover her ears like the wailing brat she’d been back then.
For whatever reason, her mama had moved her hundreds of miles away, leaving their home and her husband, Quintus Moreaux. Now here was his former ward, Rory Campbell, standing more than six foot tall with wide shoulders and a rogue’s grin, less than eight feet away.
He and the freedman gave the final visitor, Mr. Gaskin, a boost onto the boat. The lumber mill owner joked that he’d gladly salvage the boards of the vessel, to which Rory declined with rich laughter and clapped a hand on his back.
The shy Rory that Dell remembered had soft, boyish round cheeks, and wasn’t able to put together more than two words around her pretty mother. The confident man standing before them now wore a shadow of golden whiskers on a rigid jaw, but he had the same eyes, the color of green bottle glass lit by sunlight. While the others headed for the bow, her former friend singled her out, sharing his infectious smile.
He bowed slightly, gesturing with his hat. “Ladies first.”
Dell ran unsteady hands down the pleats of her dusty clothes to chase away the twinges of her stomach. She mustn’t call attention to herself. If she lost her composure, he would surely figure out she was Eleanor’s bastard daughter, fathered by one of Moreaux’s black workers. One word from him about her mixed blood, and the town would turn on her.
“Thank you,” she murmured again and glided past, keeping her head down. She felt his measuring gaze, and her chest heated in response.
Sarah and Nathaniel were just steps ahead with the preacher, weaving from the rail, straining to see as much of the vessel as possible. Dell hurried to catch up. Rory’s tread creaked ominously on the deck behind her.

Buy Links

Author Info
Historical romance author Sandra Jones was born and raised in Arkansas. She loves living in a cabin overlooking White River where she enjoys watching eagles and dreaming about the adventurous frontiersmen who once traveled past in steamboats. When she’s not reading, writing or researching, she’s the cook for her cranky old tom cat, her husband of more than 25 years, and her two grown sons. She also loves to chat with her fans.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's that time again...NaNowriMo

It's that time again and this year I'm going to be very busy. I plan on completing three projects:

1. Finishing my edits on the stories I pitched last month at the conference so I can submit them. 

Last Chance to Run:
What if you found out the daughter you buried was alive and being held captive by a man you thought you killed?
Ron Daily gave everything he had to the FBI. It was his life since his daughter’s death. Then his world crashed in around him when he’s told the terrorist he thought he destroyed staged her death. As obstacles mount against his daughter, he forms an alliance with another agent, a stubborn redhead with links to a secret from his past. Can he fight feelings for a woman that will never love him once she finds out the truth? 
2. Complete the edits on my YA, If I Knew Then and send them back to my publisher

Angel dreamed of a life of freedom. One filled with love that didn’t come with a price.  She hid the pain until Jax entered her life. Can he give her what she needs to let go of the past or will he leave her with a bigger challenge that will change her future?

Angel fought to keep her family safe from the evil that threatened to destroy her. She made sure she was always the one in front of her sisters when her Mother yielded her wrath. Always keeping the danger that surrounded them a secret.To lessen the blow , she lived a lie that everyone believed, except for one. He was her only source of happiness until one day he was gone. With nothing left, and no one to turn to, she must outrun her past, and overcome the secret that she fights to hide, before her Mother destroys everything she has left to hold on to. 
3. Finish writing my romantic comedy, Leather Chaps and Forgotten Promises. Yes, it is a comedy, but laced with a lot of heat.
Romantic Comedy of a Champion Bull rider who had it all until he met Rose Red. After 7 second his life was over. He buried his pain at the bottom of a bottle until the PBR made him an ultimatum. Straighten up or they were putting him out to pasture for good. He knew what he needed to do, and who he needed to go to for help but the last time he saw her she was crying, and he caused the tears. 
So if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I am, but don't take it personal.

Good luck to everyone who is doing NaNo this month. I will cheer you along as we fight to reach those two magic words...The End. And If you're not then I will visit with you when this wild roller coaster is over.

                Happy Writing to all