Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I is for Illustration

I is for Illustration.
As authors we write stories that come to life on the pages before us. We draw pictures so our readers can visualize our characters and their surroundings.

They can see the story come to life, before they read the words.
But we also illustrate with our words. We write with such emotion, and description that as our readers turn our pages the book comes to life before them.
We bring the setting to life, the action and of course we bring a visual to our characters.


So as you write make sure you play close attention to the detail in the description.
You want a reader to crawl into your book, step into your story and fall in love with you as an author so they keep coming back for more.

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  1. Nice, indeed! What are we talking about? lol Just kidding. Using words to illustrate is one of my favorite things about reading and writing. Untethered Realms

  2. Illustrations certainly can add a lot to a story...or blog post. Illustrating your characters and scenes with words is a bit more difficult though.

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  3. Good "I" post. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.