Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

 Today I give thanks to all those who gave up their life, time and family so that we can have a safe place to call home.  As a mother of three children serving in today's military I know the sacrifices they make everyday.

 So I pass this rose on to their families who also make sacrifices as they stay behind. It's hard to play both parents as they take care of the children. It's hard for parents to watch holidays and birthdays pass with an empty seat at the table, but its just a small price that families pay as our family members serve to keep us safe.

I will continue with my MS Monday next week as today goes out to our fine Military men and women.
So stop back again soon.


  1. The life they choose to live is not easy. Great dedication Lynda.

  2. Thanks. I was raised a Navy brat so I have always had the military a part of my life. Thanks for stopping by.