Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sprinting to the end of NaNo

Thanksgiving has passed and now I'm counting down the days until Christmas.

 But first I have to get through the next five days. Nano is over on November 30th and I'm not quite there, but I will be.

I have been busy this month with the Holidays, three book reviews and fighting with Dallas who is getting irritated that I haven't started his book.  My how characters can get pushy when they feel their story is more important. So back my book, Last Chance to Run, Ron's story. Dallas with just have to be patient for a few more months.

Last Chance to Run:   NaNo  Work in Progress.

What if you found out the daughter you buried was alive and being held captive by a man you thought you killed? Ron Daily, head of the FBI's Counterintelligence Department, races to save his daughter, Tracy, as she escapes from her captives for one Last Chance to Run.
Rescued from the Dark
Release date- February 16, 2013 Through Black Opal Books.

An explosion ricocheted behind Jason’s eyes as the pressure mounted in his head.
The rush of panic consumed Jason Michaels as he struggled to move. He tried to
swallow but his throat burned from the flames that engulfed his lungs. He needed to
breathe but he could not, shit.
He strained to hear the muffled voices, but the pounding in his ears
erased all hope. His head started to spin and he succumbed to the realization,
this was it, the end, he won. The flames were dampened and his
heartbeat slowed. As the drums subsided, the voices became clearer.
“Give it to him now you son of a bitch. What were you thinking? We still need him.”

A split second release had Jason sucking in a breath of much needed air.
Stabbing pains shot through his head and every muscle fiber burned as the cold
blast of air shot through his lungs releasing the oxygen his body craved.
He arched his back and raised his chest trying to pull in more when he felt the
impact from the first blow. His head
snapped to the side and the crack from his neck echoed in his ears. The pain
jolted through his jaw as it raced across his cheekbone. Before he could gather
his senses, the hand smacked across his face again and the pain set his face on
fire. What the hell? With the third slap his eyes snapped open and he
wrenched upright with a lurch, hitting his head on the solid roof of the SUV.
Jason’s eyes darted back and forth looking for something familiar until he
locked onto the ice-cold stare of the devil himself, Shaun Flanagan.
Damn! That was close.
He could not blow his cover, even if it meant he would die as David Logan, and not
Jason Michaels. .

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