Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Hop or not to Hop.

Now that Rescued from the Dark will become a published dream for me I have been wondering about marketing myself.

I’ve looked at self marketing lists and feel like I have a solid beginning. I just need to blog more, tweet more, update facebook more often and so on. I’m just not sure I’m getting my name out to any new contacts. Not that I’m dissing old friends and fellow authors, I love all of you, and your support has been awesome. Ok, now with that said I’m pondering what my next step should be. Should I venture into Pintrist, Linkedin? (Not sure if I spelled them right or what they are, but some of my friends love them) Should I do an author page on Amazon? I don’t have a book, yet, so I haven’t even ventured there.

I love blog hops. I love meeting new authors, I love the theme’s of the different hops and just the all around fun you have getting it together with others. I have had success with all of them except the last one, and I blame that on myself.  I had long hours at work and a few days without internet. (Love living in a rural area) so I wasn’t able to hit the blogs I needed.

What do you think about blog hops? Do you like the long ones, or do they tie up your blog too long?

How do you get your name out there without taking a front page add and shouting from the rooftops?
If you have any advice this newbie would love to hear it. I hate to miss an opportunity if it’s a simple one to achieve.

Rescued from the Dark, coming soon from Black Opal Books (I just love to write that)

 Jason Michaels infiltrates the terrorist cell and risks everything, even his life, to save the FBI intern who stole his heart, then walked away. Once Mercy wakes from her coma Jason struggles with the fact that she does not remember what happened, but anguishes with the idea that she believes their unborn child belongs to her ex. Jason soon realizes the terrorists vow to get her back to claim their secrets locked in her memory, no matter what the cost. In a race against time, Jason and Mercy struggle to fight their attraction, and put their differences aside, as they launch a manhunt to save their country and each other.


  1. Hi Lynda,

    I've done two blog hops so far and I'm signed up for a third. But I haven't noticed any sales generated through them.


    1. Hey Janice, thanks for the input. I'll have to pay attention to that once I get my book out. Until then I'll continue to have fun with them.

  2. Taking a set amount of time to read blogs that interest you, and respond with your best clever quip, can give you more exposure, and has resulted in sales for me. Joining Goodreads and other book websites helps also. Not sure about Pinterest, Twitter is supposed to help but I'm close to Luddite in some of these matters .
    Blog tours can be fun, and expose you to new readers, as can hosting blogs. Hard to say which of the promo ideas work, I think it's different for everyone.

    1. Thanks Mona. I signed up for Goodreads and I do tweet. :} Not sure what Luddite is, I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the info.

  3. Love the sound of your release.

  4. I don't really have any advice for you because I am just a reader, but I wanted to say CONGRATS on selling your book!!!! I cannot WAIT to read it! :D