How Life gets in the Way.                I always thought when I turned 60 my life would be winding down. Getting easier, and I would be traveling more. Well, that's not how things are working out, and I'm okay with that.             I work in a very busy hospital. Due to Covid our days are so much different than they were two years ago. So many changes, and yet so many are still getting sick. With that said my days are longer than I thought they would be at this age.             I take care of my sister who has MS. This I would never change. I have watched her go from an independent person to someone who needs assistance in almost everything she does because of that relentless disease. But she is my sister and I would do anything for her.             I have five amazing children and they have grown into adults that would make any mother proud. But their lives are not easy. Between life challenges and events out of their control they struggle. But I am able to

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